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Studietur 2: Micro:Bit – erfaringer fra England og hands on


This trip will cover the variety of ways that Micro:Bit can be used for teaching and learning. Participants will visit the London Connected Learning Centre an organisation that helps schools use digital technology to improve learning.

Visitors will participate in a forum discussion, with a talk from London CLC around their cross-curricular experience using the Micro:Bit with pupils.

They will have the opportunity to observe a Micro:Bit lesson in action with some KS2 students, followed by a practical session for visitors to make and create using the Micro:Bit.

Lunch and refreshments included.


Alle, der interesserer sig for brug af Micro:Bit i undervisningen.


Pædagogisk konsulent Ulrich Pedersen Dahl, Center for Undervisningsmidler i UCL Erhvervsakademiet og Professionshøjskole
Tlf: +45 4024 1071


Lobbyen på Strand Palace Hotel kl. 11.45


Undergrund. Medbring Oystercard. 

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